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June 10, 2015

The Future of Digital Dentistry

Chuck Sargent and Dr. David Wilhelm


Chuck will be sharing some profound developments in technology that are completely changing the way dentistry is studied, presented and delivered.

1. Live demo of state of the art true color shade matched scanning, see a camera that processes 3000 images per second while building full color 3D models "on screen", capable of delivering data at staggering rates for unprecedented color and detail for case studies and digital impressions.

2. A Brief History of 3D Imaging, the 3Shape Story, (working on guest speaker from 3Shape, this will be REALLY interesting), combining imaging technologies such as full color 3D scans, high definition photography and conebeam for better medicine, and where we're all headed next!

3. Dr. Wilhelm will present cases showing advantages of digital workflow with final results obtained by utilizing the latest in scanning, design, milling and dental lab techniques.

We are honored to welcome:

Chuck Sargent




Chuck Sargent brings over 39 years of applied technology expertise to 3Shape's team of experts in delivering the world's most advanced 3D full color imaging.

Beginning with work in the world of mainframes in the mid 1970's, Chuck was working in hi-tech/hi-cost "computer centers" where only the largest organizations could afford to utilize computers for tremendous increases in productivity. Chuck's devotion and ever growing knowledge through engagement in the implementation of technology in manufacturing, distribution and imaging applications for aerospace propelled Chuck's career into the dental field through digital x-ray.

For the last 12 years, Chuck has helped hundreds of offices adopt technology for better medicine, improved patient care and management of productivity. Opportunity also opened up for Chuck to work with doctors who teach internationally and dramatically improve his skills in imaging, animation and video editing that helps create lectures and case presentations to maximize visual and emotional impact on doctors and patients. His travels with doctors to major cities across the United States, Israel, Switzerland, Germany, and most recently Colombia, continue to fuel his endless enthusiasm for what we can all accomplish when we work together.

Chuck enjoys inspiring others to take on practical and exciting challenges to change the way the world sees and experiences dentistry.


Dr. David Wilhelm




Dr. David Wilhelm will be joining Chuck Sargent for this event. Dr. Wilhelm has been practicing dentistry for over 40 years, and is experienced in dental photography, lasers, and digital dentistry.

He will discuss his experience, including successes and failures, with digital dentistry and how he uses it in his dental practice.

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