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February 18, 2015

40 Years of Dentistry... A Retrospective View

Robert G. Rifkin D.D.S.


Beautiful smiles can be created and maintained by performing a pre-treatment evaluation of all of the contributing factors such as facial-skeletal form, tooth shape and position, incisal contour in relation to the adjacent and opposing teeth, lip contour and position.

Then there is the factor of organic occlusion. Does the patient have an anterior/canine guidance mechanism? Do the posterior teeth contact and interfere in lateral movements? Is there a harmful "molar guidance" present?

How do you recognize these conditions?

We are honored to welcome:

Robert G. Rifkin D.D.S.




Dr. Robert G. Rifkin practices dentistry in Beverly Hills, California, the esthetic dentistry "capital of the world," with a focus in esthetics and comprehensive perio-implant rehabilitation.

He studied occlusion with Dr. Charles Stuart and Dr. Peter K. Thomas during the 60's to 80's, then esthetics into the 90's.

As an International lecturer, Dr. Rifkin has spoken on topics such as: facial analysis, esthetics on natural teeth & implants and digital photography to enhance your practice.

Dr. Rifkin has created a high degree of case acceptance in one of the most successful practices in the U.S., and his work has been published in several peer-reviewed journals.

We can learn much from him. A 7-minute video of numerous celebrity patients of Dr. Rifkin will be shown to emphasize the importance of what he will be teaching us today.


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Nobel Biocare
22715 Savi Ranch Parkway
Yorba Linda, CA 92887
Light Dinner: 6:00 pm - 7:00 pm
Continuing Education Meeting: 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm
No charge to members
$125 for non-members

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A light dinner will be served. Limited attendance, please reserve early.

OCACD Event Schedule
Quarterly Meeting - June 10, 2015

Chuck will be sharing some profound developments in technology that are completely changing the way dentistry is studied, presented and delivered.

1. Live demo of state of the art true color shade matched scanning, see a camera that processes 3000 images per second while building full color 3D models "on screen", capable of delivering data at staggering rates for unprecedented color and detail for case studies and digital impressions.

2. A Brief History of 3D Imaging, the 3Shape Story, (working on guest speaker from 3Shape, this will be REALLY interesting), combining imaging technologies such as full color 3D scans, high definition photography and conebeam for better medicine, and where we're all headed next!

• Chuck Sargent

Dr. David Wilhelm will be joining Chuck Sargent for this event.

Dr. Wilhelm has been practicing dentistry for over 40 years, and is experienced in dental photography, lasers, and digital dentistry.

He will discuss his experience, including successes and failures, with digital dentistry and how he uses it in his dental practice.

• Dr. David Wilhelm
– – The Future of Digital Dentistry
Quarterly Meeting - October 21, 2015
• Homa H. Zadeh, DDS, PhD
– – Esthetic Enhancement Through Correction of Soft Tissue Disharmony
Quarterly Meeting - November 4, 2015
• Bob Phillips CPA
– – Plan Now To Cut Your 2015 Income Taxes

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